This application is based on my simple Calendar1 database. It demonstrates the use of an ASP.NET Web form list and a calendar control. This application is called Calendar3, but it works with the database Calendar1.

The Calendar Database

The database comes as a zipped script which includes all of the database objects and the data. It will install on SQL Server 2008 and later. A few people have already downloaded an earlier version of this database.

The Calendar1 database begins on January 1, 2009 and extends through June 6, 2031. The Calendar3 database now has more than 8,200 dates and almost 2,500 holidays. You will need to create your own Calendar1 database, then run the script to create the tables and fill them with data.

Download the Calendar1 database Script(zip 434 KB).

There is more information about Calendar1 in the "About" or at:

The Calendar Application

This is a C# Web Forms application built in Visual Studio 2012. It was meant to be a demonstration of the Calendar Control. I spent a lot of time researching on the Web, only to find more bad information than good. When I finally got it working, I decided to share my version. At least I can demonstrate that it works.

The downloadable version of this application includes all of the active pages (AJAXCalendar, AJAXList, Maintenance, Help, and site.css). You will need to create your own Calendar3 application, and import the pages you want. The full project was just too big to post.

Download (zip 15 KB).

The demo version of the application on this site has disabled UPDATE buttons for obvious reasons.


This entire application, including the database is available at no charge and with no restrictions. The project is intended for educational purposes, so I make no IP claims, and no warrenty is stated or implied.