The Census Database

The database contains data for race and ethnicity by US state from the 2010 US Census. This is a small subset of Census data, but it is enough to display a nested GridView control.

The script CensusTables& will create the four tables in SQL Server 2008+ and fill them with the same data that I have used in this application.

The Census Application contains the page with the nested GridView controls and site.css. You will need to make your own project and Census page Microsoft Visual Studio 2012+, then copy and paste my code into your pages. You will also need to use my site.css, or at least the parts pertaining to the Census.cs page.

After using Web.config to connect the application to the database, it should just work.


This entire application, including the database is available at no charge and with no restrictions. The project is intended for educational purposes, so I make no IP claims, and no warrenty is stated or implied.