A Simple US Census Database you can Download

This database contains four tables:

State with columns:

  • StateID is the FIPS number of the state and the primary key for the table.
  • Name which is the name of the state.
  • DisplayOrder which can be used to display the states in any order you wish.

StateCensus with columns:

  • StateCensusID is the primary key for the table.
  • StateID links this table to the State table.
  • CensusTypeID links this table to the CensusType table.
  • Census is the actual numbers from the Census.
  • YearID is the four digit year of each Census measurement.


  • CensusTypeID
  • CensusCategoryID
  • Name
  • Note
  • isACS
  • DisplayOrder


  • CensusCategoryID
  • Name
  • Note
  • DisplayOrder

Each table also contains four audit columns to help keep track of the persons entering and editing data. These columns are not implemented in the application, but they are available if needed.

  • CreatedByUserID
  • CreatedDate
  • ModifiedByUserID
  • ModifiedDate